New River Pale Ale Session

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On March 16th, 2003, members of the New River Valley Brewer’s Guild got together to assist and cheer on Dan McMichael and Drew Nix as they brewed up 20 gallons total (10 on each system) of a clone of New River Pale Ale. In attendance were Dan McMichael, Drew Nix, Josh Wilkins, Jason Nicolai, Warren Haskell, Brian Hyde and Murph. Below are some pictures from the brewday, the systems and of the beer:

Dan's Brew:

Dan's system during the sparging process:

Dan's system during the sparge, left is mashtun, pump and kettle. Right is close up of mashtun during sparge with sparge arm.

Dan's brew kettle post boil at the beginning of cooling with immersion chiller.


Dan's NRPA fermenting (left - early on, right - going strong)


Drew and his system during the mash and recirculation.


Drew's brew during the recirculation stage prior to sparging.


Drew, Jason and Josh taking a sample of hot wort to check the specific gravity during the boil.


Drew continuing the gravity sample.


Drew's brew during the sparge. The mash tun with sparge manifold (left) and the kettle with the first wort hops (right).


Drew setting up (left) and during (right) the wort cooling process with immersion chiller.


Kettle post cooling and during the process of draining to the fermenters.


Drew's NRPA in fermenters waiting for a ride home to ferment.


Josh hard at work grilling up lunch (MMMMMM!!)


Young future-brewers. The kid on the right had too much beer (er...milk) and fell down.